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The Secret To Success

How to Re-position Yourself, Your Business , Your Product/Service for Success

The POWERPLAY Secret Revealed
Leon Jordaan will be your host for this webinar. He has created multi-million dollar businesses using these tried and tested processes that he has developed. He will teach you a simple to use methodology to re-position yourself to get to your POWERPLAY space.

Have a pen, a clean A4 sheet of paper and ruler ready for this webinar.

You will learn the following:

  • HOW to determine where you are right now, using a simple to use methodology, relative to your POWERPLAY space (you may be surprised at the results)
  • WHAT and where is your POWERPLAY space
  • HOW to get to your POWERPLAY space using tried and tested processes
  • HOW to re-position yourself, your business, your product or service, your career, your sport or any area to become a POWERPLAYER

You can reach SUCCESS and EXCEL with this POWERFUL simple to use methodology.

You can watch this webinar from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone device. 


Only $150  $15 for this webinar. For a Limited Time Only. Watch it now!!

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